Thursday, July 13, 2017

An introduction to the Best of Clerkmanifesto

Welcome. This is one of two new side projects, or maybe bonus features is a better way to put it, to my blog Clerkmanifesto, which is a blog about, I dunno... stuff. Trust me, it's super good! This is the more sedate of the bonus features; The Best of Clerkmanifesto. Now let's get to the FAQ because I like FAQs.

What is The Best of Clerkmanifesto?

It is periodic re-postings of my favorite blog posts from out of the history of clerkmanifesto. Clerkmanifesto currently has roughly 1,600 blog posts, with a new one coming out daily. I don't run repeats and I am saddened by the prospect of my funniest, brightest, wittiest, and most perceptive pieces breaking apart on the ash heap of history through sheer neglect. So I have decided that on occasions when I am roaming through old blog posts for fun and narcissism, and I find one I think is truly terrific, I will post it up here.

Who is it for?

I like to think it is for people who love clerkmanifesto and simply cannot get enough of it. But it might also be for people who like clerkmanifesto, but get too much.

So then, how should I read it?

I can't explain reading, it's too complicated. But I'd sign up to receive it, at least, by email. There is a place to do that on my sidebar to the right. While The Best of Clerkmanifesto will have no steady timetable of postings, I would describe the rate of emails you will receive as occasional, and more like a sporadic surprise that you will find delightful. For people subscribed to the standard clerkmanifesto, and find the emails of new posts to be a barrage that it is impossible to keep up with, this may be a relief. 

What was the other side project?

It's called the B blog and features an erratic mismatch of impolite, odd, and erratic bits that don't quite fit in clerkmanifesto proper. Also has a fair share of soccer commentary. You can find a link over on the sidebar.

Okay, I'm sold on this Best of Clerkmanifesto dealie! Can you please sign me up to receive it by email?

Alas, unfortunately I cannot, as you are merely a fictitious question asker. But thank you for your positive spirit and your belief in me!